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Updated: Feb 14



Developed: Arrowhead Game Studios

Published: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Genre: Third Person Shooter

Release Date: Feb 8th, 2024

Platforms: PS5/STEAM

Review copy provided by Playstation

Helldivers 2 is a chaotic co-op shooter that is developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by SIE. With Palworld taking the world by storm at the moment, including with myself, Helldivers 2 and Arrowhead Game Studios says to ''hold my beer, its my turn to play''. But does this game capture same fun factor for solo players and co-op enthusiasts as the industry heart throb, Palworld does? or is this another live service in the sea of live services that are expected to be dead on arrival. Only one way to find out, so lets go!



Helldivers 2 is currently taking the world by storm with its chaotic gameplay and its insane and whacky humor that gives you both the vibe of a cross between Earth Defense Force and Starship troopers, with a dab of Lost Planet thrown on top for good measure. If you're looking for a deep narrative or a lush experience from a story perspective, then you're S.O.L. because the games overall story is extremely sparse, if were being generous, and it instead turns its focus on the hectic and overall nuts gameplay that you would experience in the Earth Defense Force series, with just as much lunacy as you'd expect in those titles. Basically the crux of the story is that the galaxy is being overran by various Bug creatures and Automations and it is up to you, the hero and the heroes of the Helldivers to liberate every planet from this menace and save the day, and come home a hero. However clearing out a planets of bugs is not an easy task at all due to the amount of infestation that has occurred and the amount of explosions and gunfire that is taking place in order to try to turn the tide in this wide spreading Galactic War. Big spider looking bugs are fine and all, they can be dealt with way easier than Bees would be able to, just ask Nicolas Cage, he'll tell you all about them bees. Your character is a grunt, you are green in the gills and not necessarily the ideal soldier that someone would be looking for, I mean you aren't as great of a soldier as Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder and because of your low rank, in which you are in charge immediately with a vessel, you're more likely going to end up as a Forest Gump and something is going to jump up and bite you in the BUTT TALKS(Buttocks). Id much rather be Major Payne if I had my own personal pick because then I can mock my fellow teammates when they're down without their legs and be like ''BUBBA, YOU AINT GOT LEGS''. But now were just getting a tad bit off topic here and probably making you google these movies or preparing yourself to binge watch them all. You probably aren't even reading anymore are you? I don't smell your musk anymore, dang it, lost to Payne again. I'm so stupid. Oh well, stupid is as stupid does.

Here in HellDivers 2, its basically a like a typical military simulation with your regular gun play, calling in various airstrikes, saving and picking up down teammates, etc, its your run of the mill shooter. Or... is it?. Ok yeah it is but with some tweaks here and there, such as with the reloading mechanic, usually when you're low on ammo in any other first or third person shooter, what do you do? press reload, duh, but here in HellDivers 2 your firearms provide you with an finite number of mags before needing to resupply, which is different than the normal way you come across ammo in a traditional first and third person shooter game. It adds an extra layer of challenge to an already crazy game and makes your decision making even more intense when choosing what gun to use against a smaller foe that crawls closer to the ground or a gigantic monster that towers over you by many feet. Granted, while the enemies in this game are over the top and a bit silly at times, you don't get gigantic enemy frogs who ''LOOK JUST LIKE YOU'' like on Earth Defense Force, so that's a bummer. However, my whole time playing this game and thinking about EDF, I couldn't help but also think, hmm, we REALLY need a Helldivers 2 x Godzilla crossover. I mean if Call Of Duty can get one with a gameplay style that doesn't really suit it then why can't we get one where it would fit in perfectly? someone get this deal done, right now or I'll send Jet Jaguar after you to instill some justice upon you. Back on topic. I mentioned that you obviously have to manage your weapons properly based off which tactic you're using, whether you're mounted on a hill to prepare for an enemy or going full blown nutjob and going LEEROY JENKINS on the mobs, but how do you get weapons that are not the usual default for your class? simple, the Warbond Battle Pass. Ok Ok stop your boos and throwing of those tomatoes and let me explain for a second because its really NOT that bad at all. Sure, Battle Passes have become as notorious of scams as loot boxes used to be and pay to win is still a subject and practice that ruins gaming till this day, however, while yes you may purchase your way through things on the Warbond via its premium offerings, this is true, but people that aren't poop heads can actually earn everything in the game through.... wait for it......almost....just a little longer..... drum roll please....and... PLAYING THE DANG GAME YOURSELF. Like the immortal homie Beedle says, ''WOW!!''.

What a strange and out of this world concept in the age of modern gaming. Albeit also pretty sad that with the state of the industry that we consider something like earning stuff in game is a monumental achievement, but here we are and I'll take my wins wherever I can get them. Since this game came out, I've seen countless discourse online and via major outlets calling out this games Pay To Win scheme and honestly, while I can see where they're coming from because yes you CAN still buy your way into some of the gear, its still an optional thing at the end of the day, as you can earn what is known as Super Credits by participating in PvE focused content here in Helldivers 2. Do not worry either, getting these Super Credits is fairly simple, not capped and come at a acceptable pace so you do not feel like you're running behind someone who may have bought their way to victory. Unlike the waiting times at a public restroom, the wait is very short indeed, just not as short Danny Devito. Although you WILL feel like him at times in matches and you'll be like ''AND SO I JUST STARTED BLASTIN'' as you tell your heroic story battles you had in this title. While you're fighting the good fight and spreading democracy through the universe, you will also be able to utilize support weapon options that are obtainable through Stratagems or from specific missions while engaged in the chaotic nature of the battles. Upon picking the weapon and gear you're comfortable with, it is now time to jump into the gameplay loop which involves you selecting missions and their difficulty via the in game Galactic War Table in which missions are activated for you and your friends and then, based off whatever mission you pick, will speed you off a far away planet to give them a true dose of democracy. Which just made me want to run around singing the AMERICA song from Team America the whole time. Graphic wise, for all the crap that's going down, this game is pretty dang gorgeous in the visual department with its large deserts, lakeside forests and even ice planets, which again, gave me that Lost Planet vibe, and every different environment and planet you land on, will offer its own different challenge, such as for deserts, you will get with sandstorms. These environment challenges can make the game even more difficult than it already is if you don't plan right, because you will notice this game isnt a walk in the park and takes coordination and actual planning to get things done properly. But with great power...I mean difficulty, comes even greater rewards. So don't be baby, you sissy, and DO YOUR PART because I'm doing my part!





At the end of the day, Helldivers 2 ends up a sleeper hit that most people didn't expect this year from what amounts to a Live Service game, especially when so many games of this genre have come, flopped and left. However while the game is an intense ride the whole way through, it does have some problematic issues that can steer people away. For example, again, while this game is intense, chaotic and overall presents a fun challenge, it can fall into the range of becoming tedious at times because there's not a lot of mission variety in what you're doing, thus creating a loop of repetitiveness - which luckily can be alleviated with your friends, if you have any, ya loser. I'm just kidding, you have more friends than me, I am ashamed. Another issue that people can have are optional Pay To Win, yes I know I said optional, but people just hear Pay To Win and it will shut them off, no matter what you tell them, it is what it is. Lastly, the games solo mode for missions can be a downer because even with difficulty adjusted, its not worth it because the difficulty of the fights can be too much just for one person. So if you aren't a Real Bro, A Real Bro Of Simi Valley, then you'll get stuck with a bunch of randos and that's sketch A.F. bro, but once you get the crew together, that's so steeze. But even with the negatives, with the cheesy humor from an EDF game or Starship Troopers, insane combat that pits you in high octane battles with no down time, rewarded for playing harder missions and a game that can be played for hours on end with your friends or for a quick one hour gameplay session and still feel like you achieved a lot - with all that, the game still ends up a must play if you need that quick shooter fix. So with all that having been said, my verdict is clear, GameNChick says BUY NOW