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Hogwarts Legacy REVIEW (PC/STEAM DECK)

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

''You're a biscuit, Harry''


Developed: Avalanche Software

Published: WB Games

Genre: Open World Adventure

Release Date: Feb 10th, 2033

Platforms: NSW/PS4/PS5/PC/Xbox Family

*Review copy provided to me by GAMESPLANET and WB Games*


Hogwarts Legacy is an open world adventure game that is developed by Avalanche Software and published by WB Games. Having been in development for seemingly like a decade now from the long wait and all the small leaks, Avalanche Software aims to give fans the wizarding world Harry Potter experience that they've always wanted. But do they succeed in casting a spell over us all? or are they just filthy mud bloods who don't live up to the hype. Only one way to find out, so lets go!


As a new student starting at Hogwarts in the fifth year, the Ministry of Magic provides the fifth year student with a wizard field guide to help them get up to speed as they learn to harness their secret ancient magic that holds the key to saving the wizarding world from a dark magic that aims to tear the world of wizards apart.


''The room where Dumbledore cheated for Harry every year''



Oh boy. Where do I even begin with this beast of a game.. and yes that's exactly what it is, a beast of the game in both structure and size. Growing up as a Harry Potter fan, with the books and the movies, I and many others have always wanted that game that offers the TRUE look and feel of the essence that is Harry Potter. We wanted magic, adventure, friendship, whimsical atmosphere, great characters and even wanting to feel like a full fledged wizard ourselves by utilizing spells we've all been dreaming to use since we saw the movies. However we had a bit of wait as Hogwarts Legacy has been met with delay after delay after initially starting development back in 2018. But now here we are in 2023 with the game finally out.. and does it meet the expectations that I laid out about it? uhh, yes and no. Some areas it excels at immersing you in the this large open world wizard land, while others can possibly leave a bitter taste in your mouth like a bad batch of candy from Bertie Botts flavored jelly beans. Yuck. Luckily, we do not meet the same fate as Dumbledore when he ended up eating earwax, so bullet dodged at least there, right?. As you start your game, you learn that you're a young student on their way to Hogwarts as a 5th year, something that's extremely rare and that gains the watchful eye of your mentor, Professor Frig, who is in charge of getting you to school safely. But this journey does not go as planned as during this initial run to Hogwarts, you learn about a goblin uprising with an evil leader named Ranrok, take an awesome ride on a rail train alongside Profess Frig in the Goblin Bank to find a specific vault that holds a key to unlocking a mystery that Frig wants to get to bottom of, begin noticing the reason WHY you were chosen as a 5th year student to attend Hogwarts as you begin noticing objects around the world glowing bright blue with a strange dark magic and it leaves you as a player gasping with shock that ''holy crap, it finally happened, the chosen one is here. We finally found the one person who can finally see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch''. Simply inspirational. Ok Ok. That might not be the case, but its still an ancient magic none the less. However, just as you and Professor Frig get ready to leave, trouble strikes and that poop brain Ranrok shows his ugly face and threatens to kill you. Bro, you're lucky I don't know Avada Kedavra yet or this would be a non issue, I don't play. But as luck would have it, just as he's about to a attack, a giant golem shows up and attacks, Professor Frig and the student not wanting any part of it, say ''screw this'' and run away and make their way safely to Hogwarts.

Back at Hogwarts, you're still at the introduction of the game a bit. Yeah, sure, during the opening segment you can use your wand a fair bit, but wand play really doesn't open up till the initial cutscenes and introductions are in order.. which can either be taken as something really annoying or as a treat. I however found it a treat because I loved getting to know some of these characters and some... well.. not so much, which you will hear me get into in a bit. Once situated, you get to answer a bunch of questions with the Sorting Hat to determine which house you will be placed into, which of course you already know what house I chose right? I mean my previous reviews should give that away pretty quickly. Slytherin baby, oh yeah. Heck, my characters last name is even Malfoy, so you already knew it was happening no matter what. Remember when Draco was such a little turd head in the movies? I'm the woman he got it from. You're welcome. Finally getting your first nights sleep after a run in with a large dragon on the way to Hogwarts, confrontation with giant golems and goblins, you wake up after your short but well earned sleep at Hogwarts and realize, wait a second, everyone ditched you and went to Wizard I-HOP without you. What the freaking heck guys? those stupid mud bloods. Alright, going to ditch me huh? fine, I'll just destroy EVERYTHING YOU OWN! Mwhahahaha. Ahem. Apologies, moving on. It is here FINALLY where you get to truly start appreciating the magic of this game and fangirl out like I did initially. For the first time in a game, without being stuck on a specific path, you're able to explore Hogwarts to your hearts content, yup, that's right, no limits. Well other than locked doors here there that require spell upgrades of Alohomora, but you don't have that luxury till later in the game. Being able to explore the common room of Slytherin, run through the Grand Hall where Dumbledore cheated to give Harry Potter freebie points to fix the House Cup winner like a freaking chump, meet fellow Slytherin housemates like Sebastian who is reading text books to learn spells that are a pathway to abilities some consider... unnatural. Wait, never mind, that's the wrong lore. He's basically a dark arts user. What a naughty boy, I like him. You also meet Imelda, who... UGH. This egotistical piece of mud blood trash. ''Oh she's just opinionated and confident'', no no, she's full of herself and one of those ''I'm so good, please tell me I'm good'' types. Just wait till I learn more Dark Arts. You're either going to be killed by me or I'll use Transfiguration to turn you into an animal. Just you wait.. Oh just YOU WAIT.

Besides that idiot, you also meet a blind kid named Ominis who's actually pretty nice and much like characters like Sebastian, will play a pivotal role in a string of side quests, that in my opinion, its story rivals even that of the main campaign story itself. Oh yeah, its super good, plus its where you get to learn all the cursed spells like Avada Kedavra and Imperio, so if you want to be evil, you definitely have to do that story beat. But were getting ahead of ourselves, sorta. So story, meeting characters, that's nice and all, but while exploring this amazing castle, large open fields outside the castle, the town of Hogsmeade, dark and mysterious Forbidden Forest inhabited by Centaurs, besides those immediate things, what do you actually do in the game. Well, um, quite a damn bit, like seriously, there's so much stacked into this game that at times it can be feel a bit overwhelming. Walking through Hogwarts castle, you're going to have to get used to one constant thing, and one thing that will stay stuck in your head as much as Press X to ''Jason'' or ''LEON HELP!''. What am I am talking about? good ol Revelio. Early on in this game you will know basic spells such as Lumos that lights your way in dark areas or reveals secrets hidden in paintings that shows you a location of a butterfly to complete a challenge, Reparo that is used to repair bridges and other hazardous areas to let you get across them, and then there's Revelio, the spell that reveals collectible items in the area or interactive items that are highlighted in yellow and blue, and Field Guides that give you lore and history behind Hogwarts, which can be found across the world you explore as well. But why woud this get stuck in your head? because in order to see EVERY locked door, every collectible, every potential puzzle opportunity, you must constantly spam it wherever you go. It gets to the point where you fancy yourself the next Jan Brady, only instead of crying about Marsha Marsha Marsha, its about Revelio. It can be a tad bit annoying, sure, but its hugely needed for treasure chests with new gear and collectible items as you continue exploration. Speaking of exploration, I want to get back into that topic before moving on to the core of the gameplay, which is the combat and further wand use, because its deeper than one would think. Not as deep as Hagrids endless supply of rare and illegal animals to own, but still, its pretty close.


''Ron could beat a troll, Frodo couldn't. Get wrecked you filthy hobbit''


After obtaining your Wizard Field Guide from Professor Weasley, you will now be able to track all of your progress as a 5th year student. As mentioned earlier, this includes finding other field guides that give you lore of the world by using Revelio, as well as unlock challenges, inventory, spells, combat challenges and much more in order to obtain further EXP outside of combat to raise your wizard level. I stated earlier in the opener of this review that we have been waiting to get a game that has a look and feel of the Harry Potter series and movies and aesthetically with graphics, art style and music, this game completely nails every single detail one could ask for. Walking around Hogwarts castle for the first time and seeing the paintings talk and play music, knight armor move, shifting staircases, exploring the bathrooms where Harry and friends knocked out a troll using Leviosa. Its pretty awesome. You can even check the stalls and flush the toilets, so that's always funny to do and.. oh my god, I'm so sorry, I didn't know there was someone in there, I'm sorry!. I ask you guys to forget you ever saw that. But back on topic. After you've explored Hogwarts a bit to check out Dark Arts classroom, Greenery room where you can pull up annoying and cute screaming Mandrakes that you can use in battle to stun enemies, learn about an underground fight club for duels, yes thats not a joke, I'm serious, and explore nearly everything it has to offer, you now have to actually play the dang game and advance the story and test out its combat. Aww maaaan. Taking your first few missions on and heading outside Hogwarts, you are finally introduced to this grand and broadened world as you look to get supplies in the neighboring town of Hogsmeade. This saddened me a bit as I would've preferred to throw some dust down and yell ''DAIGON ALLEY'' like Harry Potter.. only knowing my luck, much like him ending up in the wrong area, I'd end up somewhere equally or even more stupid. Walking around this world, which covers 4 seasons over the year and a night and day cycle in real time, you get to see wild animals roaming around the lands, vendors and shops, other civilians doing their own thing and even little kitty cats!. Aww hey kitty kitty, how are you little guy, you're SO cute. LEVIOSO! FLY KITTY, FLYYY FLYYY, HAHAHA. Anyways, moving on.

During your little free roaming around, which you'll be able to do much easier the further you progress when you unlock fast travel via flame statues, broom riding that allows you to equip different styled brooms to ride and unlock 3 upgrades for them via side quests that furthers their speed and controllability, mounts to ride on for the ground or even Buckwheat like Gryphons. During those things, you will be able to take on wolves, spiders, dark wizards, poachers, goblins and even giant trolls, and this is where you're going to have to learn to protect yourself. During your fighting you will learn the basics such as using B to dodge roll and when upgraded later on, holding B will allow you to Sonic spin dash away from opponents, use RT to use your wand like a gun by pressing it 4 consecutive times to either hit an enemy with a combination attack or mine materials for use later, pressing Y to use your Protego spell to enact a force field around you to block wizard attacks and melee attacks from other enemies and if timed right, will send an attack of Stupefy back to your enemy to damage or stun them, assign new attacks your hot bars that you unlock with skill points as you level up, that include stuff like Incendio to send a fireball at opponents, Accio to pull opponents towards you or pull objects in your environment for puzzle solving, Levioso to lift people into the air, Expelliarmus to disarm enemies with wands or swords and when used in conjunction with RB, will allow you to grab an item mid air that you just disarmed the enemy from, and throw it right back at them in one smooth motion. Its freaking awesome. The combat in this game is extremely fast moving and fluid to the point where if you time all your Protego correctly, and utilize your skills to their fullest, like a Levioso to raise an enemy, then Accio to pull them to you, then hit them with a Incendio, and as they fly away, hit them mid air with with Diffindo to send a magical slicing attack for big damage at them. If there's one thing that doesn't get boring easily, its the combat, well at least if you're doing it right and not blowing yourself up like Seamus Finnigan did multiple times trying to turn his drink into rum or raising a feather with Wingardium Leviosa. Poor dude.

Moving back along to the story, you finally arrive at Hogsmeade and man is this place awesome, and luckily, no cats to be found. Here you're able to explore shops like Ollivanders that allows you to get your first wand and even customize it to size, shape, color and wood material, broom shop to purchase new brooms for aesthetic purposes only as they all work on the same upgrade system, head back to Hogwarts with Professor Frigs as he discovers a map to lead us to a mystery in the restricted section of the library where you utilize Disillusionment to go invisible and stealth, gain new assignments from teachers that will teach you new spells like Reparo and Transfiguration, which can turn your enemies into exploding barrels or chickens, Pop balloons in a toy shop to be a jerk because you know, BEEP BEEP RITCHIE, defend Hogsmeade from a gigantic troll that is summoned by the evil golbin Ranrok, fight on the shores of Hogwarts against lizards and see the giant kraken octopus show up right next to you and be like ''holy crap'' as you stare in both amazement and sadness knowing he got cut from the movie Prisoner Of Azkaban. Come on now. I thought it was equal rights in hollywood, these Octopus deserve their time to shine too, well.. in movies that don't involve a mutation in a SyFy movie like Sharktopus. Hollywood, BE BETTER. DO BETTER. As you can tell there is a ton of layers to this game, from side quests hidden behind secret trials made by the legendary wizard Merlin, exploring towns like Keensbridge that looks gorgeous in the countryside, lighting lanterns in specific orders for underground puzzles, get nostalgic as you encounter the black vine fungus that tried to kill Ron in the movies, which you can keep at bay with Lumos since they hate sun light, be a complete ass to enemy Goblins while you explore Pittford, lift up goblins 30ft in the air and let them drop to their deaths, finding flying Daedalian Keys by listening for them and then follow them to a location of a chest and then smack them into it like you're spanking a booty in order to obtain a collectible of a house token. Super messed up, but at least, like yourself, wont get left with a big red hand print afterwards. Unless you like that sort of thing, you silly little freak. But to be fair to you, you still wouldn't be as a freaky as Alastor Moody, so at least that's a good thing.


''Seeking out my next victim''


Feeling a bit overwhelmed so far? yeah me too. But would you believe were still not even close to being done? oh man. Notice one thing I haven't really talked about in depth yet, and that's the upgrades and side quests you're able to partake in. Well, I could speak about them right here in the now and talk about a quest about a girl being bullied and you have to retrieve her items back from high places that people used magic to place there, find a girls books that she accidentally enchanted and they flew away like a bird, helping a girls brother who turned his own feet into beets due to a curse, which is actually pretty funny. Those are great and all, but those, alongside the main story narrative of you and Professor Frig learning more about Ranrok's plan to destroy the wizarding world using ancient magic only usable by a select few like yourself, taking part in 4 ancient trials to unlock your own hidden power and learn the dark history of the world as you take part in puzzles, pulling objects, using portal gates to look into another realm, stealth through a world that looks like the game Mad World, help a friend named Sebastian as he tries to cure his sister from an unbreakable curse in what is the most emotional and relatable stories related to side quests in the game, yes maybe even more so than the actual MAIN campaign story. It has a struggle of a brother who will do anything, at any cost, to save his sister, even if it means hurting his friends, killing others and giving himself fully to the dark arts using forbidden spells. I absolutely loved this story arc and for the sake of you, the viewer, I won't spoil it because you need to experience the twists and turns for yourself. But again, besides all that jazz, and side quests, the real reason for this game existing? for you to be a total JERK of course. You think I would miss the chance to be the Wizarding World's biggest A-HOLE known to man? no dang way. During my playthrough I was lifting cats with Levioso and launching them around, using Accio to knock a dude off his broom while he was trying to get on it, using my Nab Sack to catch animals for my animal sanctuary and using my powers for evil as I get asked to retrieve peoples pets, only to tell them nah they're mine now and keep them for my own, get asked to dive into a river by a girl who is trying to form a peace treaty between mermaids and wizards and she tells me there's a gift in a cave for her that she needs to take to the council to start a peace treaty. No problem, I got you, I love peace. So I do as she asks, swim down below, grab it, come back, and.... yeah no, I'm the one that swam in the dirty lake and this artifact is pretty cool, I'm going to take it for myself, thanks. Much like the Aliens in Independence Day, there shall be? that's right, NO PEACE. Ha Ha Ha.

Yeah I know, I'm a freaking menace, but that still doesn't even count the time I was instructed to find a painting that got stolen and bring it back to the Hogsmeade Bar. Apparently it was stolen and moved because he was found to be ''too annoying'' and talked to much, so upon finding him, after getting lost for like freaking 20 minutes after slaying some wizards, he proceeds to give me attitude and talk mad sh** against me. Hold up? I'm the one rescuing, YOU, I'll burn your butt to the ground without hesitation. But he had to go and do it, this idiot said ''I'd like to see you try''. Welp, you sealed your own fate bro ,and then I proceeded to burn him alive inside his painting. Hey, I wasn't going to do it, as I had no INCENDIO to do so before he talked crap. Ok ok, that pun was bad, but he was Accio'ing for it. I swear that's the last one. Other than being the worlds biggest jerk, exploring the castle of Hogwarts, visiting neighboring towns of Hogsmeade and small villages known as Hamlets, the bulk of the gameplay is spent in the overworld, whether you're walking or flying - this overworld contains roughly 75% of the games content, from it being dungeons, merlin trials to get extra gear slots, ancient magic trials to raise your magic meter for Ancient Magic finishers that act as a finishing move with RB+LB to summon lightning against your foes, lift them and slam them over and over into a ground with a pound in brutal fashion and even completely disintegrate your opponent with a dark magic explosion. I'll cover all of this in my Extra Stuff section, but for now, we need to switch focus on how you actually get to these areas, things you'll do in between that time period, flying and other upgrades you obtain along the way as we push to wrapping up all that this game has to offer you as the player and how much time the game will suck out of your life with a storyline that can take 25 to 30 hours to complete, and side content that can boost that play time to 70 hours plus, depending on how much you do, unlock and see. Me for instance? I finished the game in about 76 hours, got the true ending of the game by achieving level 34, learned Avada Kedavra, which is extremely overpowered and one shot kills enemies, I nearly did it all. Much like Korn, I too felt like a freak on a leash, only in witch form.

Unlocking flying via brooms is an absolute treat, it feels superb and controls amazing. My first time getting on a broom and being able to zoom across the world, around the castle, seeing all the scenery, going near the water, flying near towns and forests, I was like OH YEAH NOW THIS IS POD RACING. Wait what? no go away Anakin, go back to your own dead franchise, leave this one alone. As I was saying. the flying in this game is freaking amazing and totally catches the magic and whimsical essence of Harry Potter. Using R2 to move your move forward, L2 for a boost of speed, right stuck to move up and down, it just feels very smooth and responsive - but a little bit wobbly at first. Why is this? well that's because in order to have a smoother experience and fly faster, you need to take part in a series of mini games that have you race against a stupid dumb freaking annoying a-hole of a girl Imelda who thinks shes better than everyone. I HATE this girl. So I made it my mission to make it personal and beat her. Usually I'm terrible in games that have me operate a vehicle, but I do this for you, Draco and Snape, to put this student in her place and claim my supremacy of Slytherin. I was in the zone, flying with my broom, hitting speed bubbles to boost my time and then flying through a designated amount of rings like I was a Wizard Superman 64, I nailed it in all of her challenges, beat her best times, humbled her dumb face and got all three of my broom upgrades from a shop in Hogsmeade. He who shall not be named, more like She who shall not be beaten, right? you snob pile of fungus. Annoyances like her aside, flying around during seasonal changes are also a great thing as you see greenery change and it go from summer to fall with dried leaves and decorations littered in Halloween spirit, switching to winter with the land covered in snow, its all beautiful and makes you feel immersed in an ever changing world as you continue to finish up your first year at Hogwarts. A year that has even more going on than the entire series of Harry Potter himself, with my character being just like me and making REALLY REALLY BAD bone puns with Sebastian as they investigate a catacomb tomb, fight against a gigantic enemy Graphorn and being able to ride him as a ground mount, watch kids fly around as you stand in the highest towers of Hogwarts school, explore the map to unlock fast travels, bandit camps, dungeons and other trials, explore underground dungeons and use abilities to raise platforms for easier traversal, learn that Rockwood, a wizard, is working with Ranrok, witness the starting of a potential wizard war in a wizard like Avengers sequence that had me saying ''this is brilliant'' but then remembering, I'm not british, discovering the secret behind Isadora , who is a woman who once had the same powers as you, but had turned to the dark arts too much and betrayed the 4 Aurors that you are working with in secret, etc. There's just so many amazing things to do in JUST the main game that it will floor you. However, it opens up even further post game too.


''They have no idea I've been murdering hundreds of people''



When you think you're done, you aren't anywhere close to being done. You still have many things to do such as Room Of Requirement, obtaining all spells, finishing your massive field guide that has challenges for Combat, Quest, Exploration, dueling wizard tournaments, Merlin quests, battle trials, beast training and rescuing beasts from poachers. Oh yeah, there's a ton, but we'll start from the top to make it easy. Room Of Requirement is basically your Animal Crossing mode, which was a big no no for me since I spent like an hour inside this room decorating it, arranging furniture, changing the patterns on the walls and floors, its freaking addicting and its customization is insane by letting you control even the ambience of the lighting and ceiling too. The further you progress in your main story and side quests, you will be able to speak with House Elf Deek who will give you tasks to train and raise beasts of your own in your very own animal sanctuary that gets added to the Room Of Requirement, such as little baby beasts that look like Chocobo, or larger ones you catch out in the wild using your Nab Sack ability by sneaking up on them and pressing X to try to stuff them in the bag. They run away though, so its best to use something like Arresto Momentum on them to freeze them before interacting with them in order to have the highest chance of capturing them. Once they're caught, you may take them back to one of your three unlockable sanctuaries to release them, feed them, groom them and create their very own habitat by making stalls and breeding them. Like holy crap, what in the freaking heck. What CANT you do in this game? other than reunite Norbert with his buddy Hagrid. Dueling Wizard tournaments are also an event where you can go one on one or three on one against other wizards in a tournament against other students to see who is the best dueler at the school.. only its supposed to be secret, but everyone knows about it. Tyler Durden would be livid to know that someone talked about the wizard fight club, yall would be in for it.

Other ventures besides these things that you can take part in is flying across the world and popping balloons, taking part in Merlin's trials which has to throw leaves down and take part in puzzles that range from blowing up pots and pillars with bombarda or bringing butterflies to their correct places, rolling boulders to proper placement holes, take part in dark art or regular battle endurances that have you battle wave after wave of enemies to test just how good you've become at the game, collect all items in the game, in which there are hundreds upon hundreds, whether they be in chests, sacks or rewards from quests themselves, upgrade your Alohomora spell to unlock harder doors by searching for demon statues at night, complete all Relationship quests with other students, which are a series of storyline themed quests that allows you to grow your relationship with another student, such as Sebastian and his struggle to save his sister, another student, Poppy, where you have to team up with her to save her friend Highwing and befriend dragons after saving them from poachers, discover evils that lead your friends father to his death as you investigate dangerous places like bandit camps and the forbidden forest as you gain help from Centaurs, the list goes on and on. with hundreds of field guides to find hidden around the world, hundreds of quests, hundreds of challenges and collectables, there is no way you won't hit the 70 to 80 hour mark with all this extra content. But.. Uh oh, its that time, we've got to lay into the game a bit. While I could fangirl out more, we got to be fair and non-bias for the most part and critique his title because its definitely nowhere near perfect, especially on PC and Steam Deck


''Buckwheat is better. #TeamBuckwheat''



Obviously for all the good this game does, it also does some very bad things or smaller things that grinded my gears a little bit during my long playthrough. One of my first gripes had to do both the lack of co-op and the complete lack of online functionality in general. With the way the game is structured with main story beats taking place via cutscenes, I feel you could've done an open world setting similar to the way Pokemon Scarlet and Violet does it with drop in co-op gameplay where people can play the story individually of each other, while still interacting with their friend and the world itself. Quidditch and wizard dueling for online multiplayer could've been a really amazing addition too as flying in this game feels comfortable, controllable and easy to use, and on the flip side of that, in the main games side missions themselves, you already have two on two, three on one and one on one wizard battles, so if you set up a matchmaking system to battle friends or random people online, it could've been EXTREMELY fun to play against people online. Avalanche Software, you robbed me of being able to recreate Harry and Draco's stand off and tell people ''SCARED, POTTER?'' and see if anyone would answer back with ''YOU WISH''. Shame shame.

On the performance side, there's several issues with the PC version, which in my case, was played on Steam Deck. From time to time, during battles, scene transitions or certain areas where there's a lot going on, the game will see a stutter and FPS drop. Now it doesn't effect the overall gameplay for certain drops, but its definitely felt and even seen, but in the most extreme cases, that happened to me towards the middle half or the game, I saw a few screen freezes that would freeze the game screen up entirely for a good 5 to 6 seconds before adjusting itself and letting you continue on normally. Next gripe has to do with the early game combat. For the first ten levels of so, you really only have your basic wand attack and one or two other spells, so if you take on a lot of combat right away, you will tend to get bored or find it very tedious. My suggestion to get around this is to do missions around the castle with collectibles, explore and unlock parts of the world for faster EXP so that you level up quicker to unlock more spells to block out the more tedious nature that early combat tends to be. Last minor gripe for me is, while the story to me is VERY GOOD, it doesn't let you do what I had hoped it would. Meaning you can learn unforgivable curses, be a jerk to students and steal their stuff, make bad choices, but still end up as a good guy. Lack of morality system is a definite bummer and I wish it had one similar to Fable where each bad and good action would effect how the world sees you, but alas, its not to be had. Hopefully one is here if this game gets a sequel.


''A tomb as cold and dark as my witch heart''



At the end of the day Hogwarts Legacy ended up as a fantastic experience. Sure its definitely not perfect with early combat getting tedious until you can unlock better spells and abilities, performance issue with audio mess ups here and there, a few FPS drops and screen freezes, lack of any online functionality whatsoever for quidditch, dueling or exploration, however, I feel it more than makes up for it with its straight to the heart feel that puts it directly in line with why people love this franchise so much. The iconic music, the feeling of being immersed in his world most of us grew up with and have always fantasized about being apart of and truly exploring for ourselves, from the innards of Hogwarts Castle itself trying to find iconic locations from the movies, spotting the giant octopus outside school grounds, watching the seasons change and seeing how it effects the landscape, using all spells at our disposal to become the ultimate wizard or witch that we've always wanted to be, great characters who are relatable and well written that makes you want to protect them as friends or destroy them as enemies, the abundance of content to complete, there's just so much here that I can't see any Harry Potter fan NOT saying ''This is some MAGICAL A** S***'' Yeah, I went there... or did I?. As a Harry Potter fan of this world and setting, I adored my time, and if anyone is a fan of this franchise or even curious about it, then I'd have no issue with recommending it to people, even through a rental, Its a must play and early in 2023, its currently my favorite game of the year, which could change obviously due to Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy 16, Spider-Man 2, Zelda, tons of great stuff on the way, but we'll see. So with all that having been said, my verdict is clear, GameNChck says YOU'RE A WIZARD HARRY, hey no, go away Hagrid, this is MY verdict. As I was saying, GameNChick says BUY NOW