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League Of Evil and Squareboy vs Bullies Arena Edition Reviews(Switch)

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Its the holiday season and this time were going to change things up just a little bit for this review format. Today I'll be reviewing two different games in one review instead of the usual one game per review format. The reason for this is because both of these games are smaller games in size and they're both by the same company Ratalaika Games. This will make them much easier to review and put them both in one spot for viewing pleasure.

So with that out of the way,lets begin the review with League Of Evil on the Nintendo Switch!

League of Evil is an action platformer game developed by Wobblyware and published by Ratalaika Games. If you've played games such as Super Meat Boy and other puzzle like action platformers of the same genre,then you know exactly what you're getting into.

In League Of Evil you play as a bionic agent who takes on a mission to bring down the ''League Of Evil''. You will jump,flip and dash your way through 140 missions across 4 themed chapters,with each chapter and level getting more challenging as you progress.

When a chapter changes, you will encounter an environment shift,this will vary and range from Industrial to jungle levels,each with their own challenges and traps that you must avoid. Each different theme feels unique and differently from a previously played theme.


In this game, as stated earlier, your goal is to run,jump,slide and punch your way to a scientist thats hiding somewhere in the level. It is your job to find him and kill him. But it wont be as simple as it sounds. The enemies in this game devise traps to stop you in your tracks and keep you guessing every level that you advance to.

Challenges that you will have to come up against include lasers attached to walls that you must bounce and hop off of,moving platforms,spikes,exploding cannons and enemies themselves that have guns or other projectiles that will hinder your movement and kill you extremely fast if you aren't careful.

Depending on how fast you move and make it to the end of the level,you have a chance to earn a star rating. This rating ranges from a 1 star rating to a 3 star rating, with 3 star obviously being the highest rating you want to aim for. You may raise you rating to a 3 star rating by hauling your butt around the level as fast as you can to grab a hidden briefcase thats tucked away in one section of the level,in every level. It can be very challenging to grab the briefcase and make it to the scientist without dying, so you better practice!

One of the best things about this game is that there's hardly any downtime after you're killed. Like most gamers out there, when you feel you're getting something down or getting into a rythem, you want to keep playing and immediately start where you left off. Well thats exactly what this game lets you do, upon dying, you're immediately offered the option to retry the level instantly, no waiting,no loading, just press Ok and go and continue your run.

As someone who gets frustrated and wants to ''show the game whos boss'',this is a huge plus to me and something that let me keep my interest and focus on beating a specific level I got stuck on.

Other mentions:

The music in this game is heaven on my ears. Growing up playing NES games, 8 bit music to me is like mozart to classical music buffs. Put on some catchy chiptune music and you'll have my attention for hours on end through the music alone. League Of Evil has some damn catchy music,if I had to describe it as anything, then I would describe it as rave/techo sounding 8bit.

After I finish this review I'm going to go on youtube and find the OST and add it to my phone so I can listen to it in my car, I'm not even joking. I will.


Replayabiltiy in this game will depend on if you like level creators. This game offers you the ability to create levels on a small,medium or large scale. In the level creator mode you get the same level options that you saw in the main game you just played and beat,such as turrets,enemy types,environment hazards,background themes,etc. It will be your choice how big or how small you want you level to be.

The toolbar in my opinion is extremely simplified and is very easy to use. I can't see anyone truly having a problem with it. Its basically as easy to use as the toolbar and menu's in Super Mario Maker,if any of you have played that game on Wii U.

In League Of Evil its as simple as pressing the A button to select this and that and A again to place it here and there. Much also like Super Mario Maker, in League Of Evil, you're able to upload your created level online for other users to play and take a chance at completing,however,in order for it to qualify as an uploadable level,you must first beat it yourself and have to have collected the briefcase in your own level.

Final thoughts:

After spending some time with League Of Evil on Nintendo Switch, I can safely say its time well spent. The game offers fast paced platforming ,action, puzzle solving, that keeps me focused on my objective and makes the speed running urge in me come out and want to beat each level as quickly as I possibly can. The game also has crisp pixel graphics and very nice animation that holds up in both docked mode and in handheld mode. My only real complaint from my time with the game is that it is on the short side. 140 missions through 4 chapters may seem like a lot,but when you get into a groove,many levels can be completed in under 20 seconds.

If you love games like Super Meat Boy and other games in the genre like it, then this game will be a no brainer for you,especially for its listed price of $8 currently on the Nintendo Eshop. Pick this one up!


- Platforming Action


-Level creator



-Can feel too short

*Review code provided by Ratalaika Games

Now its time to get to our second review of the night,Squareboy vs Bullies Arena Edition,this game is also published and developed by Ratalaika Games. The game is an action arcade beat em up,long to the days of Streets Of Rage and Final Fight.

In Squareboy vs Bullies Arena Edition you play as Squareboy,a little boy who constantly gets bullied by his older peers. Day after day they pick on him and punch and kick him just because they feel empowered. Its just not fair to the little guy.

One day as you are confronted by the band of bullies that hate you,you are rendered unconscious and pass out after their latest attack. Upon awakening, you notice you are not in a familiar place,you're now inside of a dojo of a martial arts master. Its at this point you realize that the bullies must pay for what they did to you and to anyone else they chose pick on,so you join up with the Dojo sensei to learn how to fight and finally put these bullies in their place!


As Squareboy you push yourself through 13 levels of arcade beat em up action. You make your way from left to right on each level taking down hordes of enemy bullies who stand in your path. Enemy variety types range from bullies that just use their punches and kicks,to bat or chain wielding bullies and even baseball throwing bullies.

If you've played older beat em up games then you know its a good idea to constantly be on the move when attacking enemy bullies,never let them get behind you or else you will get juggled around and take a ton of damage. If you get in a tight spot,jump away or use a jump kick in order to give yourself more space to attack.

Being able to judge what an enemy type is and how much health they have is very simple. Much like in older beat em up games of the past, an indicator of an enemies strength and abilities depends on a color they're wearing. For example in this game the bullies baseball caps will range from colors such as Red or Green,which will be an indicator of how strong they are compared to normal hatless bullies you encounter. Even their hair color tends to change.

The fighting in this game feels very satisfactory. Its mindless and very straight forward,but it just feels so dang good to punch bullies in the face or to fly through the air and land that cool looking jump kick to the side of their head to send them flying away. Putting together combination attacks by pressing up and attack will allow to hit the enemy with an uppercut and down and attack will allow you to hit the bullies with a powerful kick. Experiment between moves to try to figure out what attacks work against specific bullies.

Like any beat em up of old,at the end of specific stages you will encounter a boss fight. These boss fights are relatively easy and they don't really feel any different than any other bully fight in the game and also don't offer any real variety. Its definitely something that let me down when playing the game.


If you've completed the story but dont quite want to quit playing just yet then feel free to grab a friend and tell them to sit their butt down and have some good ol couch op. Yes that's right. Squareboy vs Bullies Arena Edition on Switch has a two player co op mode that you and your friends can team up in and punch bullies in their ugly faces together and there's nothing more satisfying that that!

In the Switch version of this game,you also have an Arena mode. This mode acts as sort of a survival mode or an endurance mode. You play across multiple stages and defeat hordes of enemies until all your health is drained and you cannot continue anymore. You must defeat a specific amount of enemies per stage to be able to move onto the next one you wish to try. There are 4 total arena mode levels that are available to play should you make it that far.

Overall thoughts:

At the end of the day Squareboy vs Bullies Arena Edition is a good,but not quite great, beat em up in the Nintendo Switch library. It doesn't set the world on fire with originality with the arcade style fighting,or with its music and boss fights. But it does offer a short but fun story of a boy who overcomes his bullies and proves anyone can stand up to their bullies and show them they're not afraid. Its both charming and simplistic and for $5 on the Nintendo eshop, I say give it a go if you have the time.


-Beat em up action


-Co op action



-Boss fights

-somewhat uninspired music

-feels too short

*Review code provided by Ratalaika Games