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Odysseus Kosmos Review(NSW)

Updated: May 2, 2021

Developer: HeroCraft

Published: HeroCraft

Release Date: Feb 4th, 2021

Platforms: Switch/PC

Price: $15

*Key provided by publisher

''Space, the final frontier''

Odysseus Kosmos and his robot quest is a point and click adventure game developed/published by HeroCraft. Originally released back in 2017 on PC, HeroCraft attempts to bring the point and click adventure game to the Nintendo Switch. But does the game hold up with its port to console? or should it have been left to the master race of PC to keep and cherish for all eternity? Only one way to find out, so let's get to it!


Join Oddy and his robot buddy, Barton, as they are left with the task of keeping their space vessel clean and tidy until the rest of the crew members make it back from their mission to the outskirts of a black hole. But just as things are going so well, disaster strikes and now its up to you and Barton to make sure the ship stays in one piece. But it won't be that easy.

Game Play:

Odysseus Kosmos is a point and click adventure game with a retro style design. If you have played games such as Riven, Myst, Enigmatis series or hell even back to the days of Are You Afraid Of The Dark: Orpheo's Curse, then you have a basic idea of what you're doing here, as its all pretty straight forward. Being a point and click adventure game, your objective is to play as Oddy and Barton as they roam around the multiple environments inside the vessel and try to fix any problems that occur. Some are simple as clicking this button here, which actives another over there, and others, well, they may take a little bit more thought put into them because some puzzles require multiple items to be used to unlock specific sections of levels or means of pathways to pass through.

As you explore the multiple environments, you will be find tons of items and objects to interact with such as nobs, wrenches, different materials and even rubber ducky's. Now most of what you collect might seem a bit useless at first, but trust me, you're going to need nearly everything that you pick up, because each object will serve a purpose at one point or another. No object is really thrown into the game just to be in the game, at least that's how I felt during my time playing it. This is one of the aspects I love about the game personally. Sometimes point and click games throw the ''gotcha'' moments at you where you can take and interact with items that ultimately won't serve a purpose to your overall objective, but in Odysseus Kosmos, I never really had that problem at all.

As you journey through the main games 5 chapter stories, which are conveniently all bundled with the Switch release, you'll notice that the early game narrative kind of drags on and on. This is a huge issue with the first two chapters of the game because while the characters Oddy and Barton are likeable and their dialogue and banter with each other can be pretty amusing at times and very entertaining, it does seem like extra padding to make the games length even longer than its supposed to be. Lines that seem to be throw away lines or statements that look like they have an ending to them, seemingly just keep carrying on and on when all you want to do is just continue your adventure. With the game having no normal audio dialogue and just jumbled speech, it makes this issue that much more prevalent and a wider issue than it needs to be.

When you aren't playing as Oddy, you're perspective and game play shifts to that of your buddy, Barton, good ol robot friend. While this does offer some slight game play changes, it's still not enough to make it feel more unique or more extensive than what you were already doing with Oddy himself. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible and in itself is actually very enjoyable, but it just seems like there should just be more substance to it due to him being a robot and being able to offer so much in the game play department than a human like Oddy would be able to. But it is what it is. Maybe in a sequel in the future we'll see what more they can come up with.


When its all said and done Odysseus Kosmos and his robot quest for Nintendo Switch is a hit or miss title. Where it succeeds is with its point and click adventure style that allows you to go through many sections of your space shuttle to find tons of secrets and puzzles as you uncover data about the stars and planets themselves around the black hole your team went to investigate. But where it misses is with the drag on dialogue that serves only the purpose to make the game seem longer than it is, which currently stands at 3-4 hours on a normal playthrough. If you're a fan of point and click adventure games that give you the freedom to investigate and find stuff at your own leisure, then this may be a title for you. But if you're someone who just likes to jump in and play without a drawn out intro, then maybe wait on this one. But overall, my personal opinion, for $15, I think you'll have some fun, so with that, GameNChick says BUY NOW

Odysseus Kosmos And His Robot Quest is out now on Nintendo Switch and PC

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