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Stellar Blade | REVIEW | PS5

''Am I dehydrated? because I'm SUPER THIRSTY''


Developed: Shift Up

Published: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Genre: Action Adventure

Release Date: April 26th, 2024

Platforms: PS5

Review copy provided by Playstation

Stellar Blade is the latest controversial game in the gaming world and it developed by Shift Up and published by SIE. With the wave of controversy surrounding the sexualization of women, Shift Up decides to show people that just because women look sexy, doesn't mean that cant kick butt as well. But did they pull that off with flying colors? or were the critics right and this is nothing more than a sexualization simulator? only one way to find out, so lets go!

''ANIME OPENING #3030200302''



If you’ve ever found yourself in the barren desert of video game character charisma, parched and yearning for a hero with both lethal skills and a certain… allure, then grab a canteen, my friend, because Stellar Blade is here to quench that thirst. Developed by Shift Up, Stellar Blade (previously known as Project Eve) splashes onto the scene with a blend of jaw-dropping visuals, intense combat, and a protagonist who could probably melt the polar ice caps with a smoldering glance. I mean, I might have been looking a little bit more than usual, respectfully obviously, but with all the manly looking women we have gotten lately in western media, its good to see curves back once again for a female character to let us know, just because you're pretty, does not make you over sexualized, just saying. Beauty needs to start being praised again for what it is and not shamed for what it is. But that's a whole other can of worms for another time and day.

Again, lets get it out of the way because everyone already knows this, but Eve, our main character, is an absolute knockout. Not just in terms of her aesthetic design, since she does rock a skin-tight bodysuit with the kind of confidence that makes superheroes seem modest—but also in how she handles herself in combat. Regardless of her looks, she's no damsel and spends her time effortlessly slicing through hordes of grotesque mutants with the finesse of a ballet dancer and the ferocity of a caffeine-deprived tiger. Why a caffeine deprived tiger you ask? I am not sure to be honest because I was just imagining characters like Tigger going completely nuts with his ''HOO HOO HOO HOO!'' because he didn't have his daily caffeine intake. But even crazy tigers aside, if by the end of the first chapter you arent infatuated with Eve or even the intensity and fluidity of the combat, then there might be something wrong with you, at least a tad bit. Granted I know people don't like super sexualized characters all the time, not knocking for that, but if you're an action fan, I can't see how the combat wouldn't immediately drag you into its trenches. Its just too damn fun.


''Look at that scenery!''

Hours is kicking the crap out of your enemies aside, the story of Stellar Blade takes place in a dystopian future where humanity is on the brink of extinction. I mean what else is new, right? Here in 2024 were basically there already. But Eve isn’t just another savior with a sad backstory like shes torn out out of a Shonen anime. She’s on a mission to reclaim Earth from nightmarish creatures known as Naytiba. These enemies are as terrifying as they are plentiful, and each encounter feels like a high-stakes dance-off where the loser gets eviscerated. Eve’s journey is one of discovery, not just of the world around her, but also of her own origins and purpose. Cue the dramatic music and wistful gazes into the distance. Which I actually did a lot because the world design for this title is amazing and even though its desolate in itself, its still gives you moments of awe where you'll stare at something besides Eve for once and wonder how the devs pulled off that type of fidelity. Which makes you even more anticipated for a potential sequel, if they decide to go ahead with one, which they totally should.

Combat in Stellar Blade is where the game truly shines. It’s a symphony of slashes, dodges, and parries that will make your fingers cramp in the best possible way. The developers have crafted a system that feels both accessible and deeply rewarding. Button mashers will find some initial success, but those willing to master the timing and mechanics will experience a level of satisfaction that’s almost, dare I say, intoxicating. And speaking of intoxicating, let’s get back to Eve. Seriously, every time she pulls off a perfect dodge, I end up tearing a quad or my MCL because I'm like how the heck does a girl move like that, I haven't been able to bend since high school in cheerleading, if I tried that now? just send me to the ER, I am complete toast. But Eve? nope, girl does it with so much ease and class that you think you're about to hear the Nutcracker music playing and she's going to do a sophisticated ice skating routine like shes Princess Peach in Princess Peach's Showtime, which is another great game by the way, go check that one out of you're a Nintendo fan. Visually, again outside of combat for this title, again, remains great.


''Looks like what a cat barfs up on a brand new carpet''

Stellar Blade, visually is a feast for the eyes. The environments range from desolate urban landscapes to lush, overgrown ruins, each teeming with detail and atmosphere. The design of the Naytiba is wonderfully grotesque, ensuring you’ll never tire of slicing them into pieces. The graphical fidelity is top-notch, with lighting and particle effects that make each encounter feel like a blockbuster movie moment. And then there’s Eve. Did I mention her already? Oh, right, I have, sorry, I became pretty much a simp for her while doing my playthrough, so apologies for sounding like a Twitch water tub stream fangirl. But as for Eve, again, just know that her character model is meticulously crafted, down to the last strand of hair and flex of muscle. Granted there was some controversary about censorship with changing her clothes to be less revealing in some of the designs, but honestly, I feel the rage and outcry is waaaay overblown. Sure, its definitely in an issue that has creeped up with Sony in the last few years, but nothing that has been absolutely damaging to the game as a whole. So not sure why people called for boycott when they're boycotting an actual fun game that they would like more of, but because of boycotting, will make Sony and crew only focusing on bringing games that gamers also said they were tired of, walking simulators. So make up your mind people. But lets get back on topic.

But it’s not all just eye candy and combat in this title to be fair. Stellar Blade also weaves in some light RPG elements, allowing you to upgrade Eve’s abilities and equipment. This progression system adds an extra layer of depth, encouraging you to explore every nook and cranny of the world to find the resources needed to make Eve even more formidable. Because let’s face it, if you’re going to save humanity, you might as well do it in style. Now again, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the thirst. Yes, it’s real, and yes, it’s potent and it does play a part in the reception of this title to some extent for the male demographic, that's just a fact. But beyond the undeniable appeal of its protagonist, Stellar Blade offers a genuinely engaging experience that stands on its own merits. Eve might be the poster girl, but the game’s substance ensures it’s not just a one-dimensional affair. There’s a real sense of accomplishment in mastering the combat, and the narrative, while familiar in some respects, is compelling enough to keep you invested from start to finish.

''So this is what its like outside the Vault''



At the end of the day, Stellar Blade comes off as a ...Stellar game. Sorry, had to get that pun in there. While its not perfect with some areas feeling a tad bit tedious due to them not having a large enemy variety or going form here to there with little ward for some occasions, even with the downfalls of the game, the positives of exhilarating combat, solid gameplay mechanics with RPG elements implemented, detailed world, decent story and a main character in Eve that shows beauty and being a bad ass is just as cool nowadays as it was in the haydays of Samus and Lara Croft. So with all that having been said, my verdict is clear, GameNChick says BUY NOW