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Ghost Giant Review (PS4/PSVR)

''You've got a friend in me''

Ghost Giant is a story driven VR puzzle game developed and published by Zoink!. Follow a young lonely boy on his every day life as you uncover all the secrets and mystery behind his life and the town around you.


Take on the role of a giant sized friend as you help a boy named Louis get through the struggles of his every day routine and help him fix things in his life and his town. Explore the world with Louis and get to know the people of Sancourt.

Game play:

Ghost Giant is a heartfelt story driven puzzle game with the sole purpose of getting you heavily invested into the characters that live within the game. As stated in the opening intro, you play as a giant ghost that aims to help out a young struggling boy named Louis, only he can see you, but you're still able to interact with the rest of the towns people as a whole too in order to complete certain tasks.

When playing Ghost Giant, you'll notice the game play isn't exactly game changing or really anything wholly original either. The game involves you doing things that you'd traditionally see in other VR games. You use your PS Move controllers that act like your in game hands and use these to get around the world and interact with it. Your objective a lot of the times is simply picking up an item here,placing it there,spinning these things here and putting it over there. While that may sound tedious, its not nearly as tiring as I made it sound.

While gathering items and moving them place by place by itself doesn't seem too exciting, it does serve a purpose. While you gather items and explore the world in front of you for an item you need, you're constantly interacting with the citizens of sancourt themselves and even get to see Louis interacting with them too. This gives you incentive to want to listen to whats going on around you and search each and every area or house to see what the citizens themselves say or do in their every day life. And this is exactly what gives the game its unique charm.

I stated earlier that the story of this game is a heartfelt one and that wasn't a lie. Throughout the game you will spend most of your time interacting with Louis and getting to know him on a personal level and becoming really close friends with him. As you interact with him through the games journey, you begin seeing stuff behind the scenes that the rest of the town does not get to see, because you're a ghost. You get to see the troubles Louis goes through in his personal life and you're there to witness it first hand,every step of the way. Then you have to watch Louis bottle it all up and go about his every day life,not letting the citizens of Sancourt know about it and act like nothing is wrong at all and that hes perfectly fine. It can be sorta heartbreaking.

Ghost Giant's story will run you about 4 hours or so in overall length. Considering the game has you grabbing items,moving them from place to place, finding secrets such as keys for locks,poking birds,checking houses and overall just helping Louis move stuff around the world, its just enough to where it doesn't overstay its welcome. The world and characters themselves however will make you want to spend a little bit more time exploring around this world and make you actually not want to leave. So its a game of tug of war for me personally.

If I have to say anything negative about the game, I would say the tracking of the player at times can be a little wonky. I played the game both in a standing and sitting position to test out how accurate it would pick me up and when I would stand up it would give me issues of wonkyness and also move me out of the ''play area''. So this game is meant for you to be sitting down,ok no problem, however, you're only intended to use your head to turn and look around the world. This was a problem for me personally as I naturally want to move my entire body to look around but the game does not want you to do this and instead it wants you to switch directions by only using buttons on the controller itself. That got a little bit frustrating on my part, but not game breaking.


The world of Sancourt that the people at Zoink! put you in is superb. The game has a story book like aesthetic to it and every thing in the towns and areas you explore feel alive and with its own unique personality. Each area you encounter is as interesting as the last one you were in and the vibrant colors overall just help lift the games charm up to a whole new level.

Overall thoughts:

After spending hours of my life in the world of Sancourt and getting to know its citizens and every day lives they live, I'm left with a feeling of both sadness and happiness. Seeing what people like Louis go through while still trying to look on the bright side is captivating and heartfelt. But seeing the every day lives of the other citizens and their unique or funny daily routines is a delight as well, its something that will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Even though the game might not set the world on fire with its game play, its story and characters more than make up for it and it ends up making Ghost Giant a must play on PSVR. It joins my personal ranking with Astro Bot as a MUST own for any PSVR user.

Ghost Giant is out April 16th on PS4/PSV4

*Review code provided by Zoink!