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Guns Gore Cannoli Review(Switch)

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Guns,Gore,Cannoli,Zombies and the mob. On face this sounds like its either the strangest thing to ever exist or the greatest thing to ever exist. I'm happy to say that the verdict for this leans more on the ''greatest thing to ever exist'' side. This game is a parody/satire of the whole wise guy mob scene and as an italian myself, I greatly appreciate how its pulled off and executed.

Guns,Gore and Cannoli stars Vinnie Cannoli in 1920's mob controlled fictional city of Thugtown. Vinnie is your run of the mill wise guy who gets caught up in more than he ever expected to. One night as he is relaxing and minding his own business,he hears the sound of screaming and gun fire,all hell is breaking loose! Little does Vinnie know that upon confronting this disturbance downstairs,his whole life is about to change,for better or for worse.


Guns,Gore and Cannoli is what you get if you combine Goodfellas with Contra and some added Walking Dead survival horror. You control the character Vinnie Cannoli and move from left to right mowing down many types of zombies and fellow wise guys from rival mobs.

Enemy types you will face vary depending on which level you're on. For instance the first few stages you will come across what i call normal every day zombies that just walk forward and offer no real threat to you,but the further you get into the game,you run into zombies that spit acid,football player zombies that charge at you,military zombies and much more.

Each enemy type is harder to kill than the last one that you encountered. Football player zombies rush at you and cannot be stopped with normal bullets and have to be jumped over to avoid taking damage. Military zombies wear hard helmets that make them immune from head shots and acid spitting zombies will poison you if you get too close to them. Then you have your wise guys and other mob members, they come at you with the same arsenal thats at your disposal,including hand grenades. Be careful.

Your weapons in this game range from pistols,tommy guns,machine guns,rocket launchers,flamethrowers,grenades,molotovs and many more. The great weapon variety in this game helps keep the game refreshing even during its tedious moments where things might seem to be getting a little too mundane.

This is something I want to touch upon real quick. If you're expecting anything more than a side scroller shooter for your gameplay,you might get bored really quick. Going through multiple levels in this 4-5hr long campaign mode can feel pretty tedious because the game tends to recycle many of the same zombie types throughout the whole game. This at face value can be seen as a huge negative on this game,however,any slow down or tediousness is softened by its excellent narrative and cutscenes


The cutscenes,the narrative and the art design is where this game truly shines. The cutscenes are extremely crisp and well animated. Colors are vibrant,detailed explosions,gory zombie and wise guy head explosions,all of it looks great. My personal favorite moments are from the cutscenes with the voice acting by all the cast involved in this game,its absolutely superb.

The voice acting by Vinnie Cannoli,Frankie,Sunny and the rest of the cast involved pull off great performances and each of them have their shining moment. There's just the right amount of cheesiness mixed with mob talk that just sucks you into the game,keeps you invested and really gives this game a whole lot of charm.

The backdrops and environments in this game perfectly match what you would've seen in a 1920's Chicago era city. From the clothes,to the cars,to hotels and other venues, it stays true to the era's authenticity and tops it all off with old style classic music.

Co Op:

There is a co op mode in this game for local co op,however I do not have any gamer friends available to play it with, so this part of the game could not be reviewed. This will not effect the overalll review in anyway shape or form

Overall thoughts:

My final thoughts on Guns,Gore and Cannoli are overall positive thoughts and happy memories. As I said in my opening statement in this review, as an italian myself, I appreciate all parody or satire when it comes to wise guy and mob related material because a lot of stuff said in this game and the way its voice acted,seems like it comes straight from one of my family members,minus the betrayal and zombie talk of course.

While the game at times can get and will get tedious to some people the further you get into the game, I urge anyone that's a fan of wise guy and mob movies like Goodfellas,scrolling shooters like Contra and Metal Slug and survival horror stuff like The Walking Dead, to push through it and experience the games excellent narrative. It will not disappoint you.


-Excellent narrative



-Voice acting

-Zombie killing action


-Can get tedious


9.0 of 10

*Review code provided by CrazyMonkeyStudios