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The Raven Remastered Review(PS4)

Quote the raven,nevermore?

The Raven Remastered is a mystery point and click adventure game developed by King Art Games and published by THQ Nordic. This version is a remaster of the original game that was released in 2013 on PS3,Xbox 360 and PC.


Its the year 1964 and an ancient ruby has been stolen from a museum in London. No suspects have been found,but one clue has been left behind that leaves detectives baffled. One lone feather is left behind that bares a striking resemblance to the legendary thief: Raven. Could it really be him? or is it someone simply following in his footsteps?

Game play:

Like the opening description says, this is a point and click adventure. You point and then you click, who would have thought,right? however it goes a little beyond just a simple straight forward point and click game. The game takes on points such as puzzle solving,smart thinking and has a sort of charm that oozes from it that is hard to deny.

Now I did not have the privilege of playing the original back in 2013. Now that's not because I didnt find the game interesting, that's not it at all, I just never knew it actually existed in the first place,which is a damn shame on my part. But now here in 2018, I got to see what I have been missing out on for the last 5 years and quite frankly,It surprised me.

The game plays out like a mystery who done it type of novel that spans out through 3 different narratives that you must play through in order to find out all the secrets that unlock the mystery that needs to be solved. Most of your time however will be played as one specific main character named,Anton Zellner. A smart and witty detective who wants to break the case. My review will focus on him.

When playing as Anton, you must take on and question of group of people as you travel on a train named the Orient Express. If that name sounds familiar to you,then that is because it is. The train you take a ride on in this game is specifically named that on purpose after the novel of the same name,Orient Express by Agatha Christie.

Anton believes that either the person that stole the ruby in London is on the train or someone in general knows something about what went down and he wants to try to question as many people as possible in order to get down to the bottom of the mystery and catch the potential return of the notorious thief: Raven.

Like any detective novel or just a good detective in general, the core game play of the game revolves around you questioning and finding out everything you can about the passengers of the train. Don't expect high end action and over the top set pieces because you will not find that here. But you will find a very engaging story that really makes you feel like a seasoned detective on the trail of something bigger than yourself.

When talking to passengers as Anton, you do so in the form of a character dialogue that gives you choices on what to say to them and what to ask of them and what proceeds is long winded dialogue that gives you everything you need to know about the person or just how much you think they're covering up. Pay attention to every detail they spew from their mouths, because while some conversations tend to drag on longer then they should, they still give valuable information to help the investigation.

The type of characters you come across can be interesting if you engage in enough conversations with them. Such as a female I considered a succubus that just eats men alive and takes them for all their worth, to a weird doctor that seems like hes scheming and knows more than hes letting on. I do not want to get into full details about all the characters because like I've done in previous reviews, I like to let the reader find out certain twists,turns and experience certain elements for the first time themselves.

Besides interrogating fellow passengers you must search every aspect of the train from its seats to the tables to paintings in order to find bits and clues that will help you unlock the true mystery behind the robbery of London. Luckily you do not have to just rely on your own brain to remember the clues and are able to put the clues you have obtained into an inventory for later use. This will prove crucial into solving the crime.

Deception is key and that deception can lead to finding clues that you might not have found before. What I mean by this is some guests are more reclusive than others and will not let you inspect their belongings for clues unless you solve puzzles or figure out a way to distract them so you can start rummaging through.


For the most part the game looks pretty solid. It manages to nail the 1960's feel that its aiming for and that in itself is a win. However if I have to throw out a bit of negativity, I would say that the character models leave much to be desired. I realize its a remaster and huge changes couldn't be made,but its just a shame that they come off as off putting or out of place during your hours of playing.

Final thoughts:

The Raven Remastered seems to have honored the original version of the game, offering the same experience in a prettier light for a new generation of people to play. While the game might seem over the top at times with stuff like you would see in a show like As The World Turns or Days Of Our lives, you know,with over acting, it still pulls it off well enough to keep you interested and entertained.

Besides issues of some dialogue being long winded and dragging on longer than they should and the problems with the character models. I'd say this is a game that definitely needs to be experienced by players looking for a good who done it type of mystery game. Who done it? more like who bought it!? right? right? ok im sorry.

Check this game out!

The Raven Remastered is out now on Playstation 4,Xbox One and PC

*Review code provided by THQ Nordic