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Guns Gore and Cannoli 2(PC)

So you's a wise a guy,eh?

Guns,Gore,Cannoli 2 is a side scrolling shooter game developed and published by CrazyMonkeyStudios and it is the sequel to the hit game, Guns,Gore and Cannoli


Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 takes place 16 years after the first game ended. Once again you play as Vinnie Cannoli,a man of few words but great one liners, that strikes fear in the heart of any man who dares get in his way.

Its been 16 years since the original incident back in Chicago and now Vinnie finds himself in another bad situation. Being pursued by a mystery mobster named Dark Don,Vinnie must overcome all obstacles to find and kill that clown once and for all in order to finally have peace of mind. It won't be easy,but as long as he has his guns, he can be sure there will be lots of gore and of course,Cannoli.

Game play:

The sequel to guns gore and cannoli follows the same overall pattern as the first. You take the role as Vinnie and move through your environment mowing down anything that moves and shoots at you. You'll come across many forms of zombies and once again will find yourself up against mobsters who are looking to take you out. Difficulty in the game also remains roughly the same.

During the beginning of the game you're told by another mobster that the Dark Don who has business with you,that he is working out of the barren wasteland quarantine zone Chicago, from the first game. Now you have to tread old ground once more to find and kill Dark Don and letting you live in peace for once in your life. Escaping Thug Town for the second time won't be easy.

The game play and overall story of the game that you go through is roughly ''more of the same'' of what you played in the first game. You want revenge on a rival mobster and vow to kill him. While it is still an enjoyable experience to be had and is still as intense as the first game, you still won't find that much originality this go around. The enemy types are very similar to the enemies from the first game(Spitters,walkers,runners),from the mobsters to the zombies. Gun types that are used in the game are vastly the same as well(RPG/TommyGun/Pistols). No new weapon to really sink your teeth into.

For people that are reading this,that might not have played the first game, ill give a quick run down on what the first game was about in the game play department. The game focuses on running and gunning down as many enemies as possible with the sole purpose of getting from Point A to Point B. You start off with your infinite ammo pistols and the further you progress you acquire new weapons such as machine guns,tommy guns,flamethrowers and many other weapons to use against mobsters and the zombie horde army. You will encounter mobsters and zombies who have their own skill sets such as throwing items,rushing at you,spitting and shooting at you.

This remains the same in Guns Gore Cannoli 2, shoot your way through the same enemy types from the first game,with various tiny tweaks to them and just blow the living hell out of everything. It is definitely entertaining,but It might get a bit repetitive if you've played the first game. It doesn't really change thing's up that much which will put a damper on the mood for some,but then again,there's that old saying ''if it aint broke,dont fix it''.

You will most likely get a good 4-5hrs out of your playthrough your first go around if you take your time and savor each and every kill or if you feel like trying to collect every clip of ammo, so by the time you get to a harder boss fight in the game you will be well equipped and prepared to take on the threat. That's really what I like doing. Be as creative with your kills as possible for maximum satisfaction.


Graphically the game looks similar to the previous entry,albeit to me it seems a little bit more refined and smoother in that department as well. One good thing about this game and its environments is the change in scenery, it doesn't all take place in one city this go around and you even have to go get involved in WW2 in Europe. Yes really,that's really what happens,but I don't want to spoil too much in regards to that.

The game still has its cartoonish look to it,which I hope in future sequels if they make them,that they never change this. For a series that doesn't take itself too serious and acts as more of a satire on mobsters and zombies,I feel this will always be the perfect fit for a genre like this.

Final Thoughts:

To me Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 comes off as a mixed bag. The game play isn't inherently bad or even not enjoyable,it's actually the complete opposite. The running and gunning shooting and blowing everything to pieces is highly entertaining, it's just that the game really doesn't bring anything new to the table or original.

If you were expecting a new story that brought new elements to the table or a switch up in the game play department that made things feel fresh again,then I feel you will come out of this slightly disappointed. However if you're someone who enjoyed the first game like I myself did and do not mind more of the same and just want to take a few hours out of your life to blow people to pieces,then you will absolutely enjoy this game. Hence why this is called ''a mixed bag''.

In the end my final conclusion is that the game is indeed worth picking up due to the game play alone being entertaining and fun, but know going into it,if you've played the first game before, you will not find very much different here at all.

Guns,Gore and Cannoli 2 is out now on Steam/PC

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