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One More Dungeon Review(Switch)

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

One More Dungeon is a first person shooter roguelike game with procedurally generated levels. It is published by Ratalaika Games and developed by both Ratalaika Games and Stately Snail.

If you've played games like DOOM,Wolfenstein and Hexen, then you know what type of game you're getting artistic and graphic wise. One More Dungeon attempts to take the formula of those games mentioned and other roguelike shooters brought before it and tries to emulate or even attempt something new within a genre like this and the result is a mixed bag.


You start off the game with a sword/dagger and a magic staff which you will use to wield various spells(elements). The magic staff is going to be your major friend in this game,however,your ammo is very limited on how many times you can use it. Using your elemental magic allows you to hit enemies from afar and keep a good distance between you and the monster in order to avoid taking damage. But your sword and dagger is a totally different ball game. I'll explain.

The dagger/sword in this game just feels wrong and extremely cumbersome. I believe this all comes down to the hit detection and the overall reach of your dagger and sword,which is very limited. Your sword/dagger has a very bad hit range and this makes you have to get up and close and personal with monsters,however,that in itself wouldn't be the issue if the hit detection on the enemies didn't feel off or non responsive at certain times.

For instance you could be directly in front of an enemy trying to melee attack it with your sword and the hit against the monster is not picking up or registering against the monster unless you tilt the camera and your character in a very specific way in order to honor the games exact hit detection box where they want you to strike at. That can get very frustrating with tons of the smaller enemies you encounter in the game.

Besides the combat, you can unlock items/power ups known as Mutators. You unlock these by getting a specific amount of points and or experience points. Then when unlocked,at the start of your play session,you can choose and buy specific mutators that offer their own special abilities or challenge to your game.

For instance,there's a mutator that you can buy and use that will cut your enemies health in half,so that each enemy dies a lot quicker than they normally would and there's also a mutator to get more health/hearts. Using these in conjunction with each other can make the game a tad too easy. But its quite helpful if you ever get frustrated with specific enemy types and need a quick way around them.


The graphics in this game blend the style of 2D and 3D and surprisingly it's very colorful for a game that takes place inside different dungeons. You'll notice green moss growing out of old walls and floors,bright lava that shines in a dark dungeon giving you a very nice sense of atmosphere and makes you more invested in the environment that you're in.

Each enemy type fits their respective area,such as dragon like monsters are in the fire area's and evil wizards are in the ice cavern dungeons,it all works really well. There's really not that much I can complain about when it comes to the graphics in this game. While they did not reinvent the wheel in any innovative fashion,they made up for it in very well done simplicity.


The replayability in this game is pretty high if you're a fan of this genre. Your first playthrough you most likely will not be able to collect or be able to use all the mutators,so a second playthrough to experience and tinker around with all the different mutators that effect the game play is almost mandatory if you want the full experience.

Another reason for good replayability that works in favor of this game is its procedurally generated levels. This means every time you play the game,something either small or big changes about the dungeons you play and isn't exactly the same experience that you might've previously had in a past playthrough. This opens up the possibility that you and your friend end up having totally different experiences with the game.

Overall thoughts:

My overall thoughts towards One More Dungeon is while its a nice surprise to have another roguelike shooter game like this on Switch and its still what I consider a ''good'' game, it still misses the mark of being a ''great'' game due to a few shortcomings it has,such as bad hit detection with melee,bad weapon range with melee and just overall melee combat feeling a bit unfinished or in need of a patch/tweak.

If this game were in the $12-$15 range, I would have to say wait for a sale,but it currently sits at $8 on the eshop and for that amount of money with what is being offered, I feel with confidence that a purchase can be warranted and there is fun to be had with this game,even with its shortcomings.

One More Dungeon is out now on Nintendo Switch



-Procedurally generated levels



-Hit detection

-Weapon range

-Combat feels broken at times

or 7.0

*Review code provided by Ratalaika Games

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