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Override: Mech City Brawl Review

''We created the Jaeger program''

Override: Mech City Brawl is a 3D mech brawler developed by The Balance and published by Modus Games. Take control of a variety of giant building sized mechs as you brawl your way to victory to save the world.


You as the main character join up with an organization that seeks to save the world from multiple incoming invasions from other monsters. Its up to you to beat up any groups of monsters you find and buy your organization time to find out the true location of the enemy hide out so that you may end this fight once and for all.

Game play:

Ok. I know what you are guys are already thinking before I even say anymore. You have giant robots,check,giant monsters to fight,check,protecting earth,check. Yes you're correct,this game seems an awful like a certain movie franchise we all know, Pacific Rim. Well you wouldn't be too far off with that opinion, premise is pretty similar, but where they differ is in not only tone but in color as well. Whereas Pacific Rim is more grim and dark, Override provides the exact opposite of experience with a more colorful light hearted take on a similar story.

In Override you have a choice of taking your fight online against other people or friends and see who is the best mech there is out there or play solo via the story mode, whichever trips your trigger. Both offer different experiences than one another but story mode is where I spent the bulk of my time during this game due to me wanting to unlock new mods,boosts and other upgrades,so that I may add them to my mech for better efficiency.

The story mode works an a mission by mission selection and each mission revolves around you in a decently sized confined area,set somewhere in the world, where you're supposed to eliminate all opposing enemies in the area. Difficulty varies in what you'd typically expect in games like this,ranging from very easy to easy and so forth. Each mission also gives you specific completion goal, for instance some missions might give you a resource boost which is used as currency in order to buy upgrades to your mech involving speed,defense and attack power.

Other incentives for completing your missions are other unlockables for your mech,as well as ''random mods''. You are not told what these random mods are until you unlock them and once they're unlocked they will vary in usefulness. Some of these mods will upgrade attack power, some will give you an extra defense boost, but you'll never know what you're going to get until they're obtained and once you collect a decent amount of each of them, you'll be able to equip up to 4 of them at a time to give you a much needed mech power/defense boost.

Your main forms of attack range from a charging attack,right and left kicks and punches,which when either button is held will unleash a super charged shot that will send your opponent flying. Other forms of attack involve you creating a weapon load out with choices being an uzi,shotgun,regular gun,etc. Once you select which weapons you want as part of your load out, you enter your story mission you wish to take on and during the course of your brawl against enemy monsters, your guns will spawn out in the open. Now you may go to that weapon and press left or right on the dpad to equip them to a specific arm, but beware, you will run out of ammo fast.

If there's one caution I could tell you as a potential customer,I'd say, do not go into this game thinking its going to be balls to the wall insane action,its anything but. The style that Override provides you is the old arcade style of brawler that you would see in titles of the past such as the Destroy All Monster beat em up arena/brawler fighters. The game will have the tendency to get a little repetitive if you play for long periods of time in one sitting due to the story modes variety. Although yes there are boss battles throughout the main story, it still is most of the same throughout your entire journey through the story mode.


Graphically I think this game looks great. I mean it's not setting the bar or setting new standards or anything,but it really doesn't have to. Each mech and monster you face,as well as each city you enter, are bright and colorful and look extremely crisp. Its definitely a joy to run around in your giant mech and watch each building you smash or fall into just crumble to the ground, so satisfying.

Overall thoughts:

After spending so many hours with this game and experiencing all it has to offer, I gotta say it's not a game that will be for everyone. This game seems to cater more to the days of arena/brawler fighting gamers than it does any other variety of gamer. For fans like myself who love those older games in that style, I absolutely had a blast, but I also understand that not everyone has patience or interest in it too, so you will have to go into it at your own discretion.

Speaking from strictly my own opinion, this game not only has fun(albeit sometimes repetitive) game play, great unlockables to keep you interested in becoming the strongest mech, great story dialogue between characters and awesome attention to detail of destruction to buildings,but also offers you that good ol arcade brawler feeling that doesn't come around too often nowadays. So with that said, play at your own discretion, but I say with confidence to give this one a shot if you want some pick up and play mech action.

Override: Mech City Brawl is out now on Playstation 4.

*Review code provided by Modus Games