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Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Review(PC)

Splish and splash

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash is a third person team based ''splash match'' developed by XSEED Games and published by Marvelous!


A choice amount of females are summoned to a mysterious tournament in order to take part if an ancient ritual know as....water gun fights. The big booby Buxom Shinobi must use all their strength,power and ...assets in order to achieve victory and learn the very secrets the tournament itself holds. It will be a LONG and HARD journey, but with these girl's stroke of luck,there isn't anything they can't handle.

Game play:

Peach Bleach Splash is a hard game to explain really,especially as a female. You play as nearly naked big boobed anime chicks who go around and shoot other people with water gun super soakers,no really,that's exactly what you do.

The story of the game is broken up into five different segment pieces or campaign modes if you wish to label them as that. Each different campaign let's you take control of a variety of new characters to play as. The play times between each of them vary, some of the campaign modes will last you only one hour, while the other girls campaigns may last you 2-3 hours per playthrough.

Aside from the main story mode,that's just ridiculously written with its humor and over use of T and A, there is still more modes to play such as Paradise Episodes. These are smaller storylines or scenarios in general that are condensed to mini segments that you use to unlock new ''gear'' and new upgrade cards for online play that will make your character get stronger with different special moves and abilities.

But wait, there's more! yes there's also a mode called V-Mode. In V-Mode Challenges you can take all your hard earned rewards such as a gear and custom character load outs and pit them against other girls on a tournament-esque scene. It's a good way to find out which girl is the perfect fit for you.

Hey wait a minute. I still haven't told you how to actually WIN the gears and items I just told you about! well put down your bottle of viagra and ill tell you. When you play the modes I mentioned such as everyone's story campaign,Paradise episodes and V-Mode Challenges,you will earn card pick ups. Each card pick up offers you and in game item to use in battle.

For instance, picking up a card would help you acquire new skills to equip,new abilities or art work to view at your leisure. The power up rewards vary in how useful each one of them even is. Some of them off new weapon modifications, being able to summon another avatar/girl into battle to help you or just simply give you a taunt gesture to use in battle,which is actually pretty useless to be honest.

Aside from the over sexualized nature of the game, as a female myself, the game play isn't that bad. You have multiple classes to choose from such a a water machine gun,water snipe rifle and so on. Each girl comes equipped with a water pack on their back,which you,as the player, must manage and keep filled at all times because that is all your ammo.

When playing the game I just kept thinking of Mario Sunshine and the Fludd,except with big boobies flying in my face. Every single skill you use in this game takes up water from your water pack. Most notable is the use of your water pack's jet pack, this allows you to boost forward and left and right through the air to make a quick get away or to get out of some hot and sticky situations.

The game's format is your typical team death match game. You get placed on a team with other girls and you'r goal is to eliminate the opposing team by any means necessary. It's your standard shooter, but using water guns and flying around with water jet packs is surprisingly satisfying. Think any modern third person shooter and add booties and boobies and you have Peach Beach Splash.

A negative I take away overall from the game play department is the CPU and AI's overall intelligence. It's actually pretty bad. Your AI friends will get stick behind walls or just wont move at all. I even had one of them spinning a circle for like 3 minutes before finally dying. Pretty embarrassing.

Other modes:

Oh boy. Dressing room mode. Where do I begin with this?

This mode is for the guys out there or females(I wont judge!) that always dreamed of having your own waifu in the shower or dressing room and ready to give into your every whim. Well almost everything.

In the dressing room mode you can choose from any female that you have unlocked in the game and pick from a variety of clothing to put them into,depending on how kinky you wan to be. You can not make them nude though,sorry boys!

Dressing room mode also allows you to fondle your innocent waifu and grab the boobies with the newest and highest of tech boob mechanics. You may also spray them with water and watch as they drip wet screaming ''Ahh Nani!!!''. I shouldn't laugh at that or find it funny,but dammit it is rather funny. Overall though,not much there to this mode.


This game in the art style and graphic department actually looks pretty damn good. All the colors are vibrant and everything that it goes for in the anime'ish style is drawn and animated really well. The frame rate,no matter what is going on the screen seems to hold up and I noticed no blatant drops or slow downs,even when multiple enemies were on the screen at once.

One negative I will say though is some of the environments and designs aren't as polished as they should be. For instance you'll play on a beach and notice how nice the game truly looks and you will be very satisfied but then go into a pool area where you'll notice lots of jaggy looking sections and blurry graphics, that can throw you off a bit as you transition through different stages and levels.

Final thoughts:

My final thoughts in regards to this game is that its a weird kind of mixed bag. Its overly sexualized,blatant male fan service,has ton of sexual innuendos,obscene gestures, but dammit.. I kinda like it!

At its core when looking at the main game play of it and playing through it. There is a solid game here to be played and enjoyed. Albeit its a rather strange game and usually out of my realm to be playing something like this,but I couldn't help finding myself picking the controller back up and getting in a few rounds of play before dinner or sleep.

Despite its straight forward death match like game play and its stupid AI, Peach Beach Splash is surprisingly deep in its unlockable department,which gives the player many different decisions to make in regards to their load outs or how they will approach an offline or online setup. This in turn allows for many strategies to be used and hours of fun to be had at any given time.

if you have the cash and the time, i say give this one a go. Your wifu awaits you and she thinks you buying this game is a stroke of genius.

*Review code provided by Marvelous!