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Super Meat Boy Review (Switch)

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Is Super Meat Boy as super as it thinks it is?

Super Meat Boy is an action platformer developed by Team Meat and published by Blitworks.

Super Meat Boy was originally released last gen on the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade and was met with critical acclaim and high praise from nearly all its reviews. The game also saw releases on PC,Linux,Playstation Vita,Wii U,Playstation 4, where the game also received high praise for the port efforts to those consoles as well.

Flash forward to 2018, a full 8 years from its original Xbox 360 release and here we are again with another re-release port of Super Meat Boy for the Nintendo Switch. The game overall remains the same. You play as Meat Boy who's sole purpose is to rescue his bandage girlfriend from the evil tux wearing...Fetus(You read that correctly). That Fetus really needs to LIVER I right?...right? ok moving on.

As Meat Boy you must run,dash and jump your way through various obstacles and hazards that get in your way. The obstacles you face range from easy platforming that will only require you to jump from one ledge to another,wall jump or just glide to a perfect spot to land on. Then you have platforming that requires you put a lot more thought into your jumps,such as jumping and climbing walls while avoiding razor blades that will kill you in one hit. But succeed and you will reclaim the love of your life,bandage girl,only for her to be immediately captured again 2 seconds later.

Each level is very short if you deiced to speed through them,but they should generally only take you about 10-30 seconds depending on your skill level and depending on how many times you die per stage. On average players should be able to breeze through the entire game in just over 2 hours if you really get the hang of it. It's not a very long game at all, so do not go into it expecting 10hrs+ of game play. Although that can change if you decide you want to keep playing levels to try to best your previous time you got on any level.

The earlier levels in the game start you off very casually and you'll find yourself thinking that you might beat the entire game in like 15 minutes flat, but like Han told Luke ''Don't get cocky!'' because after you feel you've gotten the hang of the game and all it has to offer,it comes back around and drop kicks you in the face. Each challenge gets more difficult than the last,making you have to think on the fly and make split second decisions that you might not be able to make the first time you play the level. Do you climb the wall and slowly side down it to dodge spikes,razors or other hazards or do you just go all in and ''Go For It!'' and try to make that huge long jump to try to be a show off to your friends? Choice is yours really,trial and error is key to this game and its also the most rewarding part of it too.

All levels and cut scenes from the previous ports on past console releases are alive here and well. There isn't really any change from then to now as far as overall content. So people wanting to know if it holds up as far that goes, then I will say absolutely. You have nothing to worry about. The only thing that sets the Switch apart from the other re-releases of Super Meat Boy is that the Nintendo Switch version does not have the original OST that the other versions have. That's a damn shame, but otherwise, solid job holding up to the other editions.

Super Meat Boy also supports pretty much every variety of controller that you have for your Nintendo Switch such as single joy con use,handheld mode and of course,the pro controller. I personally prefer the pro controller over the other controller options for the switch,but that's just my preference,It just feels a lot more comfortable. I will say though that the single joy con use for this game works extremely well,especially since this game really only uses a couple buttons.

Overall thoughts:

All in all after beating this game in a few hours, I would say its definitely a worthy port to have on the Nintendo Switch. Whether you're at home lounging on your bed or couch playing on your tv or playing in handheld mode,this game is a perfect pick up and play game that you can spend anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours playing just because you're in the mood to play. I'd recommend this game even if you already own it previously on another console due to the portability of the Switch alone. Nothing quite like sitting at the MVD for 3 freaking hours because the workers are slow as hell!(sorry had to vent) and being able to pop out your Switch and get your Meat on.

Super Meat Boy is out now on Nintendo Switch! Look forward to Super Meat Boy Forever also releasing on Switch this year!

*Review code provided by Team Meat