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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

It's getting hot in here.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is a fully featured,non vr,stand alone title set in the same world and universe as the previous games in the series. Developed and published by the SUPERHOT Team, they aim to take the series to much bigger heights,while also still keeping the same core aspect of what people love about the franchise to begin with. Do they succeed in their aspirations or is the flames of this game put out before they start? Let's find out.


Something is not like what it seems. There is a voice in your head and your mind is being hacked by someone or something. ''You love killing, you can't stop'' the voice constantly tells you. Everything you're doing right now you could stop it at any given moment,but it knows you won't, it knows you can't, because you love the mindless rampage. Who is really in control? You or it?

Game Play:

SuperHot: Mind Control Delete is a first person shooter that allows you to slow down time and strategize many different ways to take down the barrage of enemies that you will face. As long as you stay in one spot, time is kept to a stand still as you look around your environment for any weapon or object to use to your advantage,however once start to move, time reverts back to its normal speed,which will not bode well for you if you are not truly prepared for whats to come your way. Investigating your environment and seeing whats around you is crucial if you plan on making it through this whole game, so if you are in a hurry to just run and gun, then this isn't the game for you and you will have a bad time.

While the game play in this title keeps everything fundamentally sound and fun from the other entries, they do decide to change it up a bit with quite a few additions that makes the game a little more easier, but a lot more hectic than the previous games. For instance, the version I played, SuperHot with PSVR, you were put into generated levels that would repeat every time you died, so it was easy to plan and organize your next move because it was all scripted. But with Mind Control Delete, they went with a more rogue-like plan for it and while each level doesn't change drastically as one would expect with that type of genre, it does change enough to where you are never in the same situation twice,ever. Rooms where enemies spawn change,enemy types change, weapon placement changes. You never feel like you know what is going to happen.

Because of this added difficulty of rogue-like, the developers have provided the player with upgrades that take a once powerful time stopping power and makes it even more over powered by allowing you to use new skills, or mind hacks,if you will. These abilities can be unlocked by playing through the games sections or ''modes''. The further you get, the more mind hacks you unlock that will give you abilities to use for that section/mode. For instance, a hack can refill your heart meter,yes you heard me right, your heart meter. Long gone are the days of dying in one hit kill in this franchise and you can actually get a set amount of hearts depending on which upgrades you pick.

For each 2-3 levels you beat in a section/mode, you will be given a choice to pick between two mind hacks every single time and each one offers their own skill to use against the barrage of your enemies. Whether its extra hearts for health, having all weapons have more ammo,start every level with a random gun, everything you throw becomes more deadly, the choice is yours on how you want to approach your missions and how you wish to customize yourself. I personally went for always having more ammo or using the mind hack technique that allowed you to explode into a barrage of bullets upon taking damage. But wait, wouldn't that make it easier? Is the challenge of this series gone now that we are so over powered? Yes and no.

While we are over powered for sure, that doesn't necessarily make the game a piece of cake,not in the slightest. The game is by far longer and tougher than SuperHot in VR,even with all your new upgrades. There are multiple doors at all times that enemies spawn from at any given time and from any direction, so even with all your upgrades, it still comes down to just how you use your environment to your advantage. There is very little sound in this game when you're in slow motion,this allows you to get complacent and not watch behind you or in your blind spots and this is how you get killed. While you focus on 2-3 enemies ahead of you, another 3 could be coming right around the corner.

Once you have a good sound strategy,that still doesn't mean its going to be a cake walk because they throw in multiple enemy types that will throw you off your game. You see, most of the enemies in the game are made fully red glass figures who die and shatter into pieces in one hit, but, enemies made of full white with a tiny bit of red on them is where you can get royally screwed over. One example is an all white figure can run at you with a machine gun, but only his left leg is glass, you can not throw anything at him or stun him, you need a katana or gun to knock him off his feet. Similar enemies spawn with just a red head and it's more of the same for him, break his glass head or he can't be stopped. But this is where the last technique I will talk about comes into play, that makes those enemies so much easier.

High speed rush dashing,ah yes. This is by far my favorite ability in the game because it's saved my butt so many times that I lost count. With this ability it allows you to do a super fast rush towards your opponent to allow you to instant kill them if you punch or slice them in the correct sections of their body, or stun them long enough for you to grab an object, throw it at another person to stun them and then proceed to finish off another enemy in the same area. Of course it has a recharge time, so use it only when you're in really tight situations. Use your environment more and items around you, throw lots of items, I mean, throw is one of your best friends. Throw not only stuns an enemy but it causes them to drop their weapon long enough for you to take it out of the air in slow motion and mow them down or slice them up. So satisfying.


When it all comes down to it, SuperHot: Mind Control Delete does offer more of the same as you'd come to expect from this series, from the glass shattering killing,cool slow motion that makes you feel like you're a glass John Wick, to the awesome voice going ''SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT''. But what sets this aside from what you've played before is the developers tweaking the game play by making it more rogue like,giving you more skills and upgrade options,different ways to strategize,and having a much more lengthy campaign mode. Playing through this game entirely will run you a good 4-5 hours, if you're really good or get the hang of it easily. It's definitely not a short game, or maybe I'm just really slow,who knows. But if you've enjoyed previous games in this series and want more of the same,but on a grander scale than before, then I highly suggest you picking this up when it launches July 16th. You will not be disappointed.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete will be released July 16th,2020 on Playstation 4, Xbox One,PC,MAC,Linux. Switch will come at a later date.

*Review code provided by SUPERHOT Team

''But wait!,There's more!''

Thank you Billy Mays, you're completely correct. If you're a proud owner of SuperHot already on a multitude of platforms like PS4,Xbox One,PC,Linux,Mac, then you will be able to receive this edition absolutely free. Yes that's right, no extra payment for shipping and handling like oxiclean here. People that buy the game or own it before July 16th will receive this title free and should you miss that date, you will be able to purchase it for $24.99 separately at any time.

So get your wallets out already and check it out!