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The Coma: Recut Review (Switch)

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Sometimes it's not good to be teacher's pet...

The Coma: Recut is a 2D side scrolling survival horror game developed by Devespresso games and published by Digerati. Originally released in 2015 as The Coma: Cutting Class,Recut brings new life into the series with brand new animations,updated mechanics,cutscenes and better balanced game play.


The Coma: Recut stars you as a young man named Youngho,a naive student who starts his stressful days like any normal high school student does,in anguish about his upcoming exams and wondering if he's even ready to take the test. Stressing about taking the test and tired from the all night cramming he just got done putting himself through,Youngho manages to keep his calm and sanity thanks to his ''pop idol'' look a like teacher,Ms. Song. She always seems to be able to calm him down,after all,shes his favorite student.

Youngho takes his seat and is ready to finally put all his hard work to the test,but wait, ''something is wrong'' he thinks. ''Why am I getting sleepy,I can't fall asleep,not now''. Unable to fight the urge,Youngho drifts off into a deep sleep,but when he wakes up,little does he know that failing his exams and getting an F will be the least of his problems. His only problem now will be trying to survive and learning the cold heart truth that being the teacher's pet isn't always the safest thing in the world.


The game play of this game brings me back to memories of past horror titles that have given me fond memories throughout the years,such as Silent Hill, Clock Tower and even throwing in some Nightmare On Elmstreet vibes into the mix of things due to the dream world Youngho finds himself in. If you've played either of those franchises I named above or you have seen the Nightmare on Elmstreet original classic,then you know the type of atmosphere you are going to be dealing with here.

After Youngho wakes up in his classroom,hes seemingly transferred to what I like to refer to as the ''dream world''. No one is around,no talking,no anything,complete and utter silence. Confused by this he begins wandering around the school property in order to try to find answers to what is going and just how he's going to explain this to his home room teacher. Just as hes walking through the hallway,there she is,Ms. Song your home room teacher. But hold on, ''Ms. Song I'm sorry about earlier I..'' what is this? she seems different, wait a minute ''OMG! she has a knife!''. What is going on!?

This is where your bread and butter of the game play starts and you really start to grasp what the bulk of the game play is actually made of. Now I'll say from the get go,this game is a VERY text heavy game,which might turn some people off. You're going to have to read a ton of dialogue,but I assure its worth it because it helps you get intrigued into the story and gives you the chance to get to know some of the characters throughout the game.

You will have absolutely zero weapons in this game to help you survive,which boosts up the creepy factor several notches. Your only means of defense against your demon teacher requires you to find and hide in lockers and cubbies,running,using a dodge ability or turning off your flash light to avoid detection or making your character kneel down and hold his breath,praying that the teacher will not find you.

Speaking about the flash light,while it may be crucial to use it when searching for clues and other items vital to your progression, it also acts as a double edged sword which attracts the attention of your nearby teacher,so use it only when you know you're safe or feel safe(which wont be often).

You will navigate up and down the school campus from downstairs to upstairs and along the way you will find many of your friends and other fellow students who are also trapped with you in this seemingly no escape hell. Each character you speak to will give you insight to what is going on,give a specific task to you or ask for your help in some shape or form,which in return yo'll be rewarded with a vital hint. Once given a task by another student, you can pull up your school map from your menu screen and your objective/area that you need to make to alive will be highlighted.

Each new area of the school you manage to make it to will offer you a chance to find clues by picking locks on desks or finding keys that open up the teachers lounge or other areas of the school. You will also get the chance to earn and find in game currency,which can be used on school vending machines to buy snacks,vending machines will be vital to your survival as they provided you with much needed health if you've gotten into some rough battles with the teacher.

Once acquiring items you will need to place them in your bag/backpack,which only has 6 slots to choose from, so you will have to choose what is top priority and what items are not that special and wont benefit you in the long term. You will need to be very careful here, the way you manage your resources in this game is imperative to your survival and it will ultimately determine how well and how far you will do and go in this game. Choose smart and choose wisely.

I want to get back on a point I made earlier in regards to weapons. I said earlier that you do not really have any weapons in this game. While that is true,I however wanted to touch upon one weapon that isn't even directly linked to a game pad input. There is one major weapon in this game that you do have and it is you yourself and your own ears. Yes you heard that correctly,your own ears.

Your ears are also going to play a big part of how well you do in this game at managing your survival because you are not given visual ques when danger is near,instead you must listen very closely for footsteps or some very slight breathing. Doing this will allow you to gain the upper hand in any dangerous situation and giving you enough time to quickly turn off your flash light or hide before its too late.

With all the good in the game,must come the bad and with this game being a stealth game and a survival horror, you will be tasked to walk around and venture into the same area's over and over again,going upstairs and downstars multiple times to area's of the school that you've already seen. This is where it can get pretty tedious if you aren't used to that type of style of game play. Being set in only the school limits its possibilities and how far they can take storyline.


The art style in this game plays out like a visual novel almost. That's the best way I could describe it for me personally. I've seen other people that I've talked to say they feel its more of a ''anime style'' but I digress.

The animations in this game are extremely smooth and well detailed and the static hand drawn characters really gave everything a distinct look and feel that really fit well into the survival horror genre and made me think this is the direction the developers were aiming for when making the game.

Overall thoughts:

The Coma: Recut on Nintendo Switch is a creepy,eerie and sometimes disturbing survival horror game that makes me yearn for the days of older styled games like Clock Tower on SNES. It manages to capture what I feel makes a horror game truly terrifying and that is one thing, atmosphere.

While the game does stumble with sometimes overly long dialogue,load screens at times taking a bit long and some use of backtracking,the game still manages to deliver with great animation,great ambience,interesting characters and a scary as hell main villain.

If you are looking for a quick scare and don't mind a lot of text driven narrative, then I highly recommend checking this one out!

The Coma: Recut is out now on Nintendo Switch

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