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Unruly Heroes Review (Switch)

King Of The Monkeys.

Unruly Heroes is a 2D action platforming adventure developed and published by Magic Design Studios. Take control of 4 heroes as you jump,swing and move your way through acrobatic challenges and live through the magical and updated version of the Chinese novel, Monkey King Legend.

Game play:

As stated, Unruly Heroes is a 2D action platformer, but one with 4 unique and usable characters,each with their own style and trait that you must use as you move through each area and discover its secrets. Your goal in this game is to collect all pieces of a scroll that is considered sacred and not only bring peace to the world,but also some much needed balance as well.

With it being a 2D platformer, the level layout is rather straight forward and you'll never question what you have to do next, you'll never get confused. However,this will actually annoy you quite a bit and make you wish it was more in the vein of a Metroidvania because of how utterly gorgeous and beautiful the game looks. Everything about the environments to its major details,down to the very little tiny details is not only well executed,but beautifully animated and the entire game feels alive. This is in part thanks to the people that worked on this game, ex developers behind another little game called,Rayman: Origins.

This brings me into the games overall style and game play and what makes it so unique,yet at the same time so familiar. Unruly Heroes takes a lot of cues and inspiration from the Rayman series given that its made by some of the people who had a hand in that franchise as well. The sense of humor, the charm, the quirkiness, its all here and its just as well executed in this game as it was during Rayman Origins.

Each stage you encounter has its own unique gimmick involving buzzsaws,possessing a wolf which gives you a brand new set of skills,destroy eggs in a spiders lair and so many more. There's quite a bit of variety here to be found and each level is made even more fun due to the on the fly swapping you're able to do between the four playable characters in the game. Each character not only offering a way to use melee, but some of them allow you to use their special abilities to complete one of the many puzzles in the game, such as using a character with a strength ability that allows you to break down walls or use a floating ability to be able to reach hard to get to areas in order to progress.

Speaking on the combat for each character, it really doesn't vary much from one to another if were talking about strictly combat,but they all feel unique in their own way due to all of them having their own individual weapons. Using the X and Y button, you'll be able to alternate between light and heavy attacks until you build up enough power to be able to unleash a devastating combo on your foes. Switch back and forth between characters to keep action fresh and utilize their weapons and play styles to figure out which one you like the most.

If you're a fan of the way Rayman Origin handled their boss fights then you will not be disappointed here in Unruly Heroes. The boss fights in this game,while not overly difficult, are superb. You will no longer be able to get by using just straight forward melee attacks,no way, now you must use all your wits to defeat certain bosses. Along with your melee attacks, you must now learn the bosses attack pattern and act accordingly to what you learn from them and then make your move. Some of your on the fly thinking will range from trying to figure out what puzzle you have to solve to defeat your enemy or frantically trying to figure out where to jump next and where to move next as fast as you can. No boss fight felt the same and no boss fight felt cheap.

Unruly Heroes will run you a good 6-10hrs depending on your level of skill and if you want to collect every single coin in the game that are scattered throughout. The coins that you collect can be used to unlock skins for each character and cool looking concept art. If you aren't down for that option, there is also a local co op mode that allows friends to play this crazy chaotic adventure with you, but sadly I can not do this mode at this point in time as I have no one locally to test it with,but I'm sure its a blast. There's a PvP mode too,but I currently had a hard to finding a match in matchmaking so I can't really give an analysis on that I'm afraid.

Final thoughts:

My thoughts at the end of the day after playing Unruly Heroes are ones with nothing but joy and pure fun. Sure the game might not be that difficult,levels are straight forward with what to do and melee combat isn't hugely in depth, but really all of those are just minor nitpicks in relation to the overall game itself. This game at its core is just a blast to play due to its charm, its humor,its style and its level design. Unruly Heroes is platforming done at its very peak of excellence and I implore anyone who either loves games like Rayman Orgins, or just loves platforming games in general,to pick this game up whenever you can because you will not be disappointed at all.

Unruly Heroes is out now on Nintendo Switch.

*Review code provided by Magic Design Studios.